Website Development in Yii Framework

Yii is a high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.Yii is a free, open-source Web application development framework written in PHP5 that promotes clean, DRY design and encourages rapid development. It works to streamline your application development and helps to ensure an extremely efficient, extensible, and maintainable end product.

Whether you are one developer building a fairly simple Web site, or a team of distributed developers building an extremely complex Web application, using Yii is like augmenting your development team with additional experienced, professional, and efficient resources. All for free! You can stay focused on the tasks specific to your business requirements.

Yii Framework is right for you project if you want Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, Database Access Objects (DAO), Query Builder, Active Record, DB Migration, Form input and validation, AJAX-enabled widgets, Authentication and authorization, Skinning and theming, Web services, Internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N), Layered caching scheme, Error handling and logging, Security, Unit and functionality testing, Automatic code generation, Friendly with third-party code, Detailed documentation, Extension library.

We at Web Sanskruti have team of technical expertise who has rich experience of website development in Yii framework and make website to suit your needs.

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How Web Sanskruti differs from others?

The offshore software outsourcing / software development is generally saving cost on the manpower and infrastructure, but at Web Sanskruti we look and work at it a special way, and based on our knowledge and best practice we have a little very sole and advantageous offer to our offshore software outsourcing / software development clients for website development in Yii framework.

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