Project Execution

Our Project execution has been very well clean and fit based on our past knowledge we still work hard to improve it to meet the future requirement and varying technologies.

Please find the few steps of our Project execution at Web Sanskruti:

Project introduction.
Once the project is confirmed, then we start gathering the team that will work on client's project.
A project manager [PM] is assigned to keep an eye on the project, the role of the project manager will be to administer the project and help team and client whenever required, project manager generally works on various projects hence does not work full time unless specified and decided by the size and criticality of the project.
A team leader [TL] is assigned under the PM; TL will be a full functional and dedicated project for your development project. A TL is the point of contact for the client for day to day basis and all communication. He is also responsible for the day to day activity and timeline keeping of the project, technical supervision and guidance is also a part of his responsibilities.
Copy of email of all developers working on your project goes to the TL, and PM receives the copy of TL's email to keep the track of day to day communication and updates of project.
The appropriate team of developers, Designers and QC are selected for each project, the size and skill of the team depends on the requirement of project.
Introduction email of whole team, TL and PM is sent to client along with all required communication details.

Technical Analysis
Once the team is defined, the next footstep is to begin the Technical analysis of the project, which is to create a plan for the development purpose. We call it SRS [System Requirement Specification]. We create following documents while doing technical analysis and submit it to client for approval.

Project Plan

Make a note Documentations is a very unpredictable process and hence the varieties of documents to be produced are reliant on the project size and requirement.

These documents are presented to client for approval, if client has any changes he can be in touch it our team and get back with the final version. Once the scope is signed, we craft the time frame and send it to client, which defines the milestones of entire project.

Once time frame is produced, all the tasks are assigned to our team.Once the project is in development phase, we talk to client and come to a decision when we should submit the work for preview, as every client has its own requirement, some needs it at the end of completion of a particular section, and some clients would like to see it on daily basis and would like to preview and comment on each form as they are developed.

Based on clients requirement, we define the release phase and upload the development work on our staging server. We are very flexible with release phase and can work as per client's requirement. Once client previews the work, he can email us the tasks / bug, which allows our team to fix them and that gets informed back to client. In general we release the project in beta release, once the beta version is released, the next step is deployment.

Deployment and change management
Once the project is ready for the deployment on client's server, Web Sanskruti has vast knowledge with hosting and deployment services, so our development goes in procession with deployment to avoid last minute issues. While we plan the development we also take deployment into consideration.

Final Delivery
Once the product is delivered and tested on client's environment, the project is considered as final delivery, and that concludes the end of software Project execution. After project is completed as per client's satisfactions and defined scope, we send all the source code to client, take the feedback from our client to ensure that we understand and perk up our system even better. Still above all this defined approach, we are very flexible and our team is very capable to curve and work as per clients requirement and technique.

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