Quality Assurance

Every business nowadays faces harsh contest and that's why it is vital for them to provide goods or services of high quality to their clients. Web Sanskruti has developed an excellent code of conduct and practice for quality control, this approach is very well combined with our development life cycle. And we ensure that with the new technologies, our structure keeps on up to date so our client's products are not compromised with quality may it be performance, security, scalability, logical or decorative matters.

When we reflect the term "Quality Assurance", all activities like design, development, production, installation, servicing and documentation are related with it. Quality control involves cycle of inspection, reviews and tests used right through the software development life cycle to ensure each work product meets the requirements positioned in front it. The aim of Quality Assurance is to provide management with the data necessary to be well-versed about product quality, thereby gaining insight and self-belief that product Quality is meeting its goals.

Checklist while we do application testing:

Logical issues
Designing / cosmetic issues (IE9, IE10, Fire fox, Safari, Opera and Chrome)
Cross browser compatibility
Automated email and its formatting
Broken links
W3C Validations

Client's involvement
At Web Sanskruti we have developed a procedure where the product is thoroughly checked before its released in various releases, but as clients knows its business and logic, we propose that client also does the basic testing i.e the logical testing of the product to ensure that the application is following the business logic that the client is expecting. To ensure this we submit the modules as and when completed to client to check for the logical issues. So client knows what is being developed and how the application is shaping up to avoid last moment surprises. This also allows us to get the response from client on regular basis to make sure that we are on proper development track.

But as said, its up to client to do regular checks, our team is highly capable of understanding, deploying and testing the business logic.

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