Business Strategies

If you choose Web Sanskruti as your offshore software development partner, you will surely save more than 60% on your project costing. At Web Sanskruti Pricing are based on the type of project and its criticality. As we be aware of that each client has its own requirement, budget, team and methodology, hence at Web Sanskruti we offer following Business Strategies for all of our offshore software outsourcing / software development clients.

Dedicated Development Center Model
Extension of the customer's software engineering facility. The customer pays fixed monthly rate for the Team. Review our ODC Services

Time & Material Model
Define the business model and work hand in hand with our client. The client pays a fixed hourly rate.

Fixed Cost Pricing Model
The customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables.

Fixed Cost Pricing Model approach is more suitable if

You have a fixed scope which you want a team to work on.
Your requirements are clear and you only require different skills to work on it.
When hiring a dedicated resource for smaller work is expensive and you cannot approximate the hours that will be required, for Example, for your project you hire a developer for 200 hours and can only use him for 100 hours of work which is wastage of resources in man-month terms.
If you want to keep distance from the hassle of administrating project and time frame.
To make sure that the best technological team is doing this project and you at a halt pay the fixed cost.
If you have taken the order from your customer on fixed cost basis.

In this method, we identify with the scope from the client and have the basic idea about client's requirement. Than we arrange a meeting in chat / call with client and get the exact idea and cross talk the doubts / queries about the project. Based on this conversation and scope provided by client, our team gets involved to judgment the man-months required. And based on that calculation of scope and man-month we work out cost of man-months.

Once the client agrees on the decided cost, than it's our responsibility to deliver as per the scope within time frame. Client only has to pay the cost decided not considering any skills or any number of hours deployed for that project.

What if the scope changes?
As we all be familiar with software development has its own characteristics of change in scope, so if you are running with us on the fixed cost pricing model, and your application / client requires changes in the business logic, design or any part, which has been pre agreed, then in that case, we don't let you down.

We will understand the changes that are required and based on that we will provide you the fixed cost to do those changes, based on our man hour costing. So you can also justify, and you know what extra you have to pay, still knowing that you will be paying fixed cost for those changes. So you are always aware of your spending and income.

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